Coronium, as specialist, product agnostic and independent Solar PV Consultants, provide advisory services which include:

Australian Market and Strategy

  • Sharing experience, knowledge and insights in this market
  • Creating opportunities and competitive business strategies
  • Client specific assignments

Utility Scale Solar

  • Project Development - Early Stage Involvement

    It is important for project developers to engage with experienced advisors at an early stage of a solar PV development to help maximise the opportunity, mitigate risks and ultimately save costs. Coronium facilitates this by preparing documentation including the following:

    • Concept Design Report
      • Qualification of potential site
      • Design philosophy
      • Proposed equipment selection and data sheets
      • Electrical generation profile and energy yield modelling
      • Grid connection enquiries
    • Preliminary Drawings
      • Site Layouts
      • Single Line Diagrams
      • Framing Elevations
      • Building Outlines and Elevations
    • Access to our large network of industry participants and introductions to service providers who can provide specific specialist services
    • Running preliminary financial models and introducing investors to the project
  • EPC Specialists and Advisors

    Our primary aim is to drive down the EPC and O&M costs of solar PV by increasing production efficiency and without any quality compromises.
    • Winning bid strategies
    • Overseas benchmarking
    • Supplier relationships
    • Generation modelling (P50, P90) and generation profiles
    • Preliminary design optimization, equipment selection and industry-leading pricing
    • Opportunity & Risk identification and mitigation strategies
    • Warranties and performance guarantees
    • Operation & Maintenance scope and target pricing
    • Commercial Contract Negotiation
    • Owner and Lender Engineer roles
    • Technical and commercial reviews
    • Construction and operation monitoring and reporting

Large Commercial Solar

  • Feasibility Reports

    • Detailed energy and financial modelling using our proven models
    • Solar system optimization and cost benefit analysis
    • Business cases and risk assessments
  • Running the Tender Process

    • Preparing scope, specifications and merit criteria
    • Evaluating and recommending tender responses
    • Assistance in aligning solar and business needs for contracts
    • Contract negotiation
  • Project Delivery

    • Monitoring project budgets, schedule, quality and safety performance
    • On-going risk and mitigation reviews
    • Implementation of cost saving and value-add strategies to improve project margins
    • Project reporting

Coronium will seamlessly integrate into your team and provide our flexible solar PV services and expertise.




Some of our Clients

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