About Us

Coronium uniquely provides independent solar consultancy and management expertise to our clients in the Renewable Energy sector.

Having had first-hand experience as both owner and constructor of many Solar PV systems, we fully understand the entire project spectrum and the inherent challenges for each stakeholder. Coronium brings this perspective to its clients with a winning formula to streamline the end to end process and improve costs.

Coronium's experience and flexibility will bring added value to successfully realise renewable energy projects. We deliver real value outcomes, on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

  • Launched in 2012 by solar industry pioneers Mike Schach and Gavin Street
  • Together we have been in the industry for over 30 years and are still passionate about it!
  • We started Coronium to continue with our vision for implementing utility scale solar projects in Australia
  • The Coronium team has worked on most of the leading projects in Australia and some of those in Asia
  • We have the local knowledge, experience and network
  • Our Business Model is to work with select and diverse clients to help them achieve solar success

We do this in 4 ways:

  1. Provide traditional Consultancy Services
  2. Assist EPC companies to build quality installations in Australia at near-European costs
  3. Introduce & support overseas companies to enter Australia & develop utility scale projects
  4. Initiated 'Sundowners' to network and help build a stronger industry



Our team at Coronium has more than 30 years management experience developing and delivering over 100 world-class energy installations across Australia and Asia. We have been involved with almost every significant solar project in Australia, both on and off-grid.


Coronium are reliable, trusted and respected. Providing frank, forthright and honest advice is why we are highly regarded in the industry.


Coronium are pioneers of the solar energy industry and believe that sustainable energy has a significant role to play in the world’s energy mix.


Having worked across all types of stakeholders in large projects, corporate clients, investors, lenders, EPC contractors and government enables Coronium to provide tailored solutions to meet specific project requirements.


Some of our Clients

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