Our People


Mike Schach

Mike Schach has worked in the solar PV industry since 1990, and with this extensive and broad based global project experience he is uniquely positioned to provide expert solar consultancy services in advising, developing or constructing large utility scale solar projects… More

Gavin Street

Gavin can track the defining moment he decided to enter the solar industry to 1995, when he was halfway up a windmill re-threading it’s broken main shaft, on Wooleen Station in WA - harnessing natural energy with no moving parts would be a distinct advantage!  More

Rudi Kloeckner

Rudi Kloeckner is a seasoned Electrical Design Engineer and Project Manager and has more than 30 years of experience designing, project managing and commissioning of electrical power systems in Germany and across Europe, with strong emphasis in renewable energy power plants… More

Matthiah Larkin

Matthiah Larkin BW3

Matthiah Larkin is an experienced solar developer, project manager and PV professional who has 8 years of experience across the solar industry with global organizations in China, USA and Australia. Prior to joining Coronium, Matthiah was a Senior Project Manager for SunEdison, managing the development three 20 MW projects in California… More

Some of our Clients

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