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Gavin can track the defining moment he decided to enter the solar industry to 1995, when he was halfway up a windmill re-threading it’s broken main shaft, on Wooleen Station in WA - harnessing natural energy with no moving parts would be a distinct advantage!

Since then he has worked across all facets of the PV industry, including technical, project management, commercial, as well as strategic and advisory roles.

Prior to founding Coronium, Gavin worked with BP Solar as an Electrical Engineer, Project and Program Manager and finally as Project Developer, where he was the lead developer responsible for the Moree Solar Farm. He managed many of the key development activities including land acquisition, planning and permitting, and grid connection, as well as managing the EPC interface with the Consortium.

Gavin’s experience includes the successful delivery of several multi-million dollar solar power projects around Australia and Asia. Highlights include a management role in 3 of the Australian Government Solar Cities projects and the hands-on implementation of 5000 solar powered water pumping and irrigation systems in Sri Lanka.

In 2012, Gavin recognised that in order for the Australian utility scale solar industry to grow there was a real need for specialist solar knowledge to be integrated into the infrastructure construction industry, and so founded Coronium. It has proven to be an extremely successful business that continues to add value to many of the exciting solar projects of Australia.

Gavin prides himself on his open, candid approach and his ability to operate across all disciplines within the industry.

He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Sydney with a thesis entitled “Centralized vs. Distributed Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems”.  Gavin also holds qualifications in construction, project management, electrical wiring and project finance.


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